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The Upkeep of Alpacas

Upkeep of Alpacas

Alpacas are hardy so vet bills are usually small. They need a wormer and a vaccination twice a year, which can be done by yourself. Toenails should be clipped as required. Shearing will be required once a year.

Alpacas are ruminants and generally require only grass and occasional hay although pregnant/lactating females will also require daily supplements. They are also herbivores, they eat and digest vegetation, they also graze from the surrounding trees and hedges. Care should be taken to protect them from garden shrubs such as azaleas, rhododendrons etc.They require fresh clean water at all times.

An acre of paddock with average grazing would adequately support 5 or 6 adult alpacas.

Post and rail fencing (if you already have it) can easily be adapted by the addition of sheep netting. Otherwise a post and wire fence with sheep netting at the base will suffice providing it extends to a height of at least four feet. They do not damage or challenge fences.

Field shelters are advisable but not essential and are usually used on occasions of severe cold in the winter or shade in the summer. Trees can also help in this respect.